All our test's are analyised in accordance with UK Water Industry Guidance Note IGN 4-01-32 October 2015

Type 2

Polyethylene pipelines are hydrostatically pressure tested in order to determine the integrity of the pipeline to test for leaks. This requires specialist analysis due to ‘creep’ values and not water loss. TIS have many years’ experience in the field of assessment of PE materials and deliver certification/analysis reports that comply with the latest versions of Industry guidance notes.

Type 1

The Type 1 Test is more suited to ridged pipe material, such as ductile Iron, stainless steel and glass-reinforced plastic. Materials that do not exhibit creep damage. The test involves measuring the volumes of water lost during a test period.

10 Minute

The Ten Minute Test is devised for situations where a very short test time is required. It is suitable for testing polyethylene pipes often laid with the pipe-busting technique where water supply needs to be reconnected as quickly as possible. Rather than measuring the pressure loss within the pipeline over a minimum of one hour, the Ten Minute Test maintains the pressure for a ten minute duration. The amount of water added is recorded to indicate the pressure changes within the pipeline. The joints must also be visually inspected for leakage during the ten minute test period.